[Friday Finds] Vol . 19:
New Friends, Stunning Photography, Best of Etsy, Khakis As Fashion, & Gold Details in Nurseries

Well, hello. It’s Friday again! I apologize for the lack of Friday Finds last week- my parents are visiting from Toronto, it was March Break, and we were in sunny San Diego for a mini break. It was lovely, just like this week’s Finds. Let’s get started!

1. New Friends

There are times when you come across the loveliest people you could ever imagine meeting- this particular time on Instagram, of all places! Today I wanted to share an account I only recently started following but one that I absolutely adored from the get-go: @BeforeAndAgain_. Rida is mama to Dalia and Zora. Although she lives in industrial Birmingham, her Instagram account is full of rosy cheeks, beautiful morning light, wildflowers, and scenes of every day family life. I love how different it is from the perpetually sunny, and sometimes manic, up-and-at-em life we live in LA.

I also really love that out of all Instagram accounts I’ve come across, here is someone who is from a similar cultural background as I am, is also in a mixed-race marriage, and has such a creative spirit. Mostly though, it is Rida’s eye for capturing the magic in everyday moments that I’m drawn to. There’s a thoughtful quality to them that comes across as genuine and not contrived. If you’re up for daily whimsy and occasional goofy moments from a mama, you must follow BeforeAndAgain_!

2. Interior Design + Photography

I came across Jonas Ingerstedt’s work while I was researching a few new posts on Pinterest. If you love interior photography and great Scandinavian/mid-century modern style, this should be your go-to for any and all inspiration! Jonas’ portfolio features images shot for Elle Deco in Sweden, Italy and the UK, as well as the Kinfolk books. There is so much goodness here, I keep going back and marvelling at the shots and the rooms, and gathering so. much. inspiration.

3. Best of Etsy

Basically in love with both: This quote from Ernest Hemingway and the hand lettering from Oh My Deer.

4. The Khaki Revival

Have you read this Man Repeller article on one of this year’s biggest trends, Khaki? Pandora Sykes is witty and I can completely appreciate her horror at the approach of utility-wear. It is definitely not a universally flattering trend although I disagree when she says it doesn’t suit her. I think she looks fab! But what do you think? Are you willing to try it or not at all? Leave me a comment below and let me know!

5. Flashback Friday

Since gold is still going strong in home decor, I thought today I would revisit this post I wrote two years ago on Gilded Details for Nurseries & Kid Spaces. ALTHOUGH! I will say that I strongly feel silver is about to make a comeback and I’ve spotted some amazing pieces on one of my recent runs to Target that I am so excited to share with you. I’ll be writing a blog post on this soon so stay tuned!

Until next time, stay happy and focused! And if you’re so inclined, do share your weekend plans with me below. I’d love to know what you’re up to!

xo, Naushin

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