[Friday Finds] Vol. 23
This Week: My DIY Home Office Decor & New Printables, Boho Vibes in Sweden, Best of Etsy, Project 62, and Giving Back

After a brief-ish hiatus, Friday Finds are back again! I do apologize for the inconsistency- the 6 year old is in Grade 1 and we’ve been trying to manage all.the.things and get back into a routine. How do you manage your kids’ school routine? Tell me, please! For today, I have another personal styling project to show you, along with four other lovely things as per usual. Let’s get started.

1. My DIY Home Office Decor & Two New Printables!

Over a year ago, I wrote a post on 7 fabulous ways to decorate the wall behind your iMac (which, btw, also works for decorating around your TV or any other large screen). I finally found the time to go ahead and put into practice some of what I learned and decorated my workspace with photographs, budget-friendly finds from Target, and a couple of DIY printables that I designed which you can download right here. What do you think of my DIY Home Office decor?

2. Bohemian Vibes in Sweden

This gorgeous eclectic family home via Elle Decoration caught my eye as I was scrolling through my Pinterest feed. It is Scandinavian design in a way you’ve never seen before! Basically obsessed, especially with that beaded chandelier and floral wallpaper, which is not usually my style at all! (Funnily enough, I also wrote a post last year on this unique Scandinavian meets Boho-Chic style. Click here to take a look!)

3. Mini Style

This Etsy artist is a real find! “The illustrative universe of Michelle Carlslund is inhabited by strong men, eclectic cityscapes, playful puns, cheeky tigers and honey loving bears. She aims to make work that is playful, warm and nostalgic.” My favourites are below and you can click on each poster to buy it on Etsy.

4. New & Now at Target: Project 62

Being that Target and I are basically bffs, how could their new collection- especially one as epic as Project 62- launch without me acknowledging it on the blog? In case you’re wondering, Project 62 is named for the year that Target was founded and, according to the company, the year “modernist design hit its peak”. The brand is online and in stores now! It is chock full of affordable and stylish pieces, from furniture to accents, bedding to dining and kitchen goods. Here are some of my must-haves.

5. Giving Back: How to find a legitimate Charity

On a serious note, with all the turmoil in the world lately, I’ll be the first to admit my anxiety tends to get the better of me some days. Between the humanitarian crises worldwide, to the large scale devastating natural disasters both here in the US and abroad, life can seem very overwhelming. What helps to alleviate my stress are two things: 1) Reading words of wisdom and guidance from poets and prophets, and 2) Giving back to those in need.

I am partial to causes that help children but here is a great breakdown by Consumer Reports of legitimate charities, where your dollars actually go towards making a difference, and not mostly to fundraising or administrative costs. Charity Navigator is also an excellent resource and highly recommended. They rate charities based on how donations are distributed and you can clearly see what percentage of donations go towards those in need. I hope you find this information useful!

Until next Friday,

xo, Naushin



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