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Classic Fall Must-Haves: A Camel Coat & Sneakers

I’m all for collecting classic Fall must-haves for my wardrobe. A soft sweater, a checked scarf, black leather leggings, and a camel coat that will take you from day to night effortlessly. You really can’t go wrong with the latter, especially, whether you opt for a classic trench, a structured A-line, or a cozy wool coat with oversized pockets.

Pair your camel coat with that other wardrobe must-have – sneakers – and you’ve got a Fall style combo that will work with everything from pants and a dress shirt during the day to your favourite midi skirt on the weekend. Here are 13 fabulous examples of styling these classic Fall must-haves this season.


What classic Fall must-haves do you depend on all season long? Tell me everything!

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xo, Naushin

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