[Friday Finds Vol 28]
This Week: DIY Place Settings, Best of Etsy, The “New Classics” in Paint Colours, 10 Wardrobe Essentials for the Everygirl, & Colourful Mid-Century Modern Goods for Kids

Why, yes, it is Friday again. The best day of the week, I think, and I hope you have a lovely weekend planned ahead. Let’s dip into this week’s Finds.

1. DIY Place Settings

The best DIY place settings are simple and easy like this one from Alice + Lois. If eucalyptus isn’t easily available, this could also work with a single mini rose bud at each place setting, or even with just a sprig of holly berries for a more festive mood. This place setting is so versatile, it goes beyond just Thanksgiving!

2. Best of Etsy

I’ve been obsessed with this Hug More print by artist Gregory Beauchamp since I first saw it on Pinterest years ago. The pin I discovered wasn’t attributed properly but I’ve finally managed to track it down; I’m beyond thrilled to have found it on Etsy!

It is a little pricey compared to Etsy finds I’ve shared in the past, but I mean look at it, it’s simplicity is striking, it is an original handmade work of art, and each print is signed and numbered by the artist! This is top 5 Christmas wish list material, folks.

3. The “New Classics”: Paint Colours by Studio McGee + Benjamin Moore

I’m all kinds of fangirling over Studio McGee, guys. The homes they design are so, so beautiful and absolute #housegoals from top to bottom. Their Modern Mountain Home especially (basically THE house of my dreams) has been repinned and shared probably a trillion times by now because it is drop-dead gorgeous. All that to say, when it comes to being an authority on interior design, decor, and related things like paint colours, they’re kind of a big deal.

These are their picks for the “New Classics”- paint colours in collaboration with Benjamin Moore that speak to a more contemporary aesthetic. Personally, I love and would use all of these (and have used similar shades in the past); the fact that Studio McGee approve is the icing on the cake!

4. 10 Wardrobe Essentials Every Girl Needs

I see so many of these clothing lists on Pinterest. Some, I’ll pin to my Outfit Inspiration board, but I find they usually miss the mark with at least one pick. This is the first list I’ve come across where I agree with all 10 choices. Take a look and let me know which pieces you consider necessary.

Btw, if you’re interested in this kind of post, then you’ll probably also like my post on How to assemble a wardrobe you really love!

5. Flashback Friday: Colourful Mid-Century Mod Toys for Kids

Now that it’s gifting season, I thought this look back at 10 Colourful Mid-Century Modern Goods for Kids was entirely apropos. Warning: They’re not all gifts that your kids might appreciate right now. A few of them are (and they’re so cute!), but a few of them are home decor centered (like the Vitra Panton Junior Chair and the gorgeous art from Inaluxe) and are purely indulgent for the mid-century-mod loving parent. After all, not only do we share a home but we deserve a Happy Holiday too!

Have a fab weekend!

xo, Naushin



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