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13 Alternative Headboard Ideas for a Stylish Bedroom!

We didn’t have a bed in our room for about two years until we moved to LA. There was so much else to purchase for a new home that it simply wasn’t a high priority. Our mattress was on the floor, and despite the vaulted ceilings, skylights, and beautiful view, not having a proper headboard felt a little collegiate, if I’m honest. This is what it looked our bedroom looked like back then.

So Fresh and So Chic // For the Home: 13 Alternative Headboard Ideas for Stylish Bedrooms! #sofreshandsochic #forthehome #homedecor #diyhomedecor

Our light, bright, and white bedroom, sans headboard.

As lovely as it was, I kind of wish I’d thought of this post before, because I would have definitely tried out a few of these great alternative headboard ideas!

1. Carved wooden panels or doors

If you saw my post on Modern Boho-Chic Interiors, then you might already have seen this look, but really, how beautiful are these wooden panels and doors when they are re-purposed as headboards? Personally, I would need a lot of pillows to cozy it up but if you’re into the whole minimalist Bohemian thing, this look is for you!

2. Use a large mirror as a headboard

This is just a ridiculously gorgeous look, don’t you think? So romantic and feminine. Considering how heavy these mirrors can be, this is a great alternative to hanging them up on the wall.

3. Woven Headboard

This idea for a DIY woven headboard is super cute and so cozy! If braiding fabric into a headboard isn’t your thing, how about a chunky knit blanket instead? And now that I think of it, the chunky knit would be such a great idea for a kids’ room! Any of you into arm knitting?

4. Old Window Frames

I’ve personally never had much luck at flea markets, but if you ever come across a pair of arched window frames like these, grab them and use them as a headboard because they’re gorgeous!

5. Use Paint to Create Alternative Headboards

This super easy DIY would create a really big impact in any bedroom. Although it is called a half-painted wall, I would suggest painting just the bottom third of the wall a contrasting colour, and voila! You have a faux headboard. Incidentally, this would also create the illusion of taller ceilings by drawing your idea down to the painted stripe.

If half-painted walls aren’t your thing, how about painting the entire wall in chalkboard paint? That way you could draw on any kind of headboard (trompe-l’œil, anyone?), write out your favourite inspirational quote a la Mary Jane’s Post-It Notes*, or really, express yourself any way you feel to get in the mood for the bedtime.
*Do you watch Being Mary Jane? Because you totally should.

6. An Open Book Headboard

Arguably the most famous Insta-headboard, this installation by Dom and Dom of All That Is She fame, is such a unique and lovely idea, and not just for the literary-minded. The full DIY is up on their blog.

So Fresh and So Chic // For the Home: 13 Alternative Headboard Ideas for Stylish Bedrooms! #sofreshandsochic #forthehome #homedecor #diyhomedecor

Via All That Is She (Instagram)

I also found this similar open book headboard DIY on Design Everyday too.

8. Oversized rug

Talk about cozy! This beautiful Moroccan rug looks even more stunning as a headboard than it would on the floor, in my humble opinion.

9. Use your window(s)

Sometimes, less is more, and you have to make do with what you have. This little bedroom shows how well a single window works as a stand-in for a traditional headboard.

10. Tapestries and fabric panels

I think Urban Outfitters single-handedly brought back tapestries into home decor, and while most of theirs are way too bohemian for my taste, I kind of love this Marble tapestry and also this Summer in Montana forest scene.

Can’t find a favourite tapestry? How about a pair of fabric panels instead? (But, er, maybe iron them first. I don’t know about you, but those fold marks would drive me nuts.)

11. Oversized Art

Generally speaking, I don’t think you can ever go wrong with a piece of oversized art in your home. Using it in place of a headboard looks so good too!

So Fresh and So Chic // For the Home: 13 Alternative Headboard Ideas for Stylish Bedrooms! #sofreshandsochic #forthehome #homedecor #diyhomedecor

Print for purchase via Kara Rosenlund

12. Wall Mounted Blanket Headboard

As far as I can tell, this is simply a piece of plywood wrapped in a Pendleton/Hudson’s Bay blanket and hung on the wall. Easy DIY and cozy!

13. Upholstered Leather Panel

I love, love this upholstered hanging leather panel as a headboard. I first featured it in my post on Emerald Green interior inspiration and I’m reposting it here because just look at it. I particularly adore the hanging straps with the gold rings. Its all about the details, right?.)

And that’s it! Which one of these would you try out?

xo, Naushin


  1. 1

    Kate says

    I’m a sucker for vintage window panels so naturally that’s my fave, however I also love a creative paint treatment. And the giant knit as a headboard, utlimate cozy!!

    • 2

      naushin says

      You know, as against my type as it is, I love the antique mirror as headboard! The painted wall is a close second for me too and the upholstered leather panel would be a third choice. Who would have thought headboards could be so varied? 😉

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