3 Free Gratitude Printables for Thanksgiving
(and Every Day!)

Giving thanks. It’s the time of year, at least in the US, where the concept is strong- it’s all anybody can talk about, and it’s likely marked on calendars as the start of the shop-till-you-drop season leading up to Christmas. There are so many ways you can celebrate the day but I hope, most of all, that it is spent in the company of loved ones.

But, guys, wouldn’t it be great if we adopted an attitude of gratitude every day to balance out our never-ending list of wants and to make us appreciate our needs being met?

So Fresh and So Chic // 3 Free Gratitude Printables for Thanksgiving and Everyday! #freeprintables #freeprints #printables

I don’t know about you but I’ve found more and more that I need reminders about everything. Maybe it’s just “mom brain” amplified as the kids get older and there is more to schedule but life is busy and life can be hectic. If I don’t see something right in front of me, to remind me of these details (like giving thanks daily!), I will forget.

In the spirit of making life easier, remembering to practice gratitude everyday, and making the house a prettier place, I’ve designed these three free gratitude printables for Thanksgiving (and every day!). You can download each of the PDFs below.

So Fresh and So Chic // 3 Free Gratitude Printables for Thanksgiving and Everyday! #freeprintables #freeprints #printables

DOWNLOAD // G is for Gratitude Free Printable (1.9 MB PDF)


DOWNLOAD // Attitude of Gratitude Free Printable (1.9 MB PDF)


DOWNLOAD // Grazie Mille Free Printable (1.9 MB PDF)

I hope you find them useful reminders to give thanks daily, and on that note, thank you for reading this little blog of mine!

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

xo, Naushin

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