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7 Stylish Ways to Display Houseplants!

So Fresh & So Chic // 7 Stylish Ways to Display Houseplants! #forthehome #houseplants #sofreshandsochic

We grew up with lots of houseplants from impressive rubber plants and cascading "money" plants to large pots of peace lilies in the drawing room. One of my earliest memories is my mom asking someone for a cutting of one of their plants. (Odd, I know!) And although its been many years since she's had … [Read more...]

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Inspiration: The Iconic Herringbone Pattern

So Fresh & So Chic // The Iconic Herringbone Pattern: Inspiration and Ideas for Incorporating It Into Your Own Home! #sofreshandsochic #interiordesign #herringbone

I'm a huge fan of patterns and prints. I love geometric, Islamic-art inspired patterns- their complexity is beautiful when you consider they are borne simply of basic shapes calculated to fit into and around each other for a breathtaking final look. I also love the quatrefoil or Moroccan tile … [Read more...]

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11 Amazing Last-Minute Christmas DIYs

So Fresh & So Chic // 11 Amazing Last-Minute Christmas DIYs! #sofreshandsochic #christmas #diy

It's the 20th of December! How on earth did that happen?? Didn't the year just start, she says, as she does every year. That said, I'll be mighty happy to see the back of 2016. July onwards, things just went from bad to worse, not just for us personally but it seems for the world in general. … [Read more...]

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6 Ways to Add Luxurious Hotel Style to Your Bedroom

6 Ways to Add Luxurious Hotel Style to Your Bedroom #sofreshandsochic #forthehome #interiordesign

For Labor Day long weekend this year, we decided to take a short trip and head to a lovely resort in San Diego. The city has a lovely marina off Shelter Island and our hotel happened to be right on one end of it. This meant the kids had a cute little private beach to play on, there was lots of … [Read more...]

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Traditional Rugs in Modern Rooms

So Fresh & So Chic // Get the Look: Traditional Rugs in Modern Rooms #interiordesign #homedecor #sofreshandsochic #traditionalrugs #modernrooms

I have such a huge thing for mixing styles. The Mr. isn't always too keen on it- he prefers to pick a style and own it (love his commitment!). It's not a negative thing per se but I think that it runs the risk of looking contrived if you're not careful. I love the casual "found and foraged" type of … [Read more...]

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12 Minimalist Ceiling Fans

So Fresh & So Chic // For the Home: Modern and Minimalist Ceiling Fans // www.sofreshandsochic.com #interiordesign #forthehome

You guys, I never thought I would say the words "minimalist", "modern" and "ceiling fans" all in the same sentence, but here we go: in today's post, I'll be showing you 12 minimalist and modern ceiling fans! How did this come about? Well settle down, children, for a quick story. This morning, I … [Read more...]

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7 Fabulous Ways to Dress the Wall Behind Your iMac!

So Fresh & So Chic // Designing Around an iMac: Home Office Inspiration #decor #sofreshandsochic #interiordesign

I love my iMac, I really do. I love my MacBook too but my iMac is where all of this blogging magic happens. Plus, I'm a sucker for big screens, and working in a pretty home office keeps me inspired and I like having all of my "work stuff" within reach. Also, have you ever tried working on a MacBook … [Read more...]

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15 Modern Boho-Chic Interiors

So Fresh & So Chic // 15 Modern Boho-Chic Interiors! #bohemian #bohochic #interiordesign #sofreshandsochic

Guys, I've been feeling serious Boho-Chic vibes lately. Of course, this might just have to do something with the newest pair of shoes I acquired the other day (and wore with the snazziest flared pants and flower crown), or maybe it's just because Spring is around the corner and I'm dreaming in … [Read more...]

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Before & After: My Powder Room Makeover On a Budget

So Fresh & So Chic // An Easy, DIY Powder Room Makeover On a Budget! #sofreshandsochic #makeover #budget #interiordesignblog

Now that we have a house vs. an apartment, we have the luxury of a) having a downstairs bathroom, and b) claiming the downstairs bathroom as a powder room (I feel so grown up!). It's a good size for what it is but it really doesn't get more basic than what it was- all white everything, standard … [Read more...]