[Friday Finds] Vol. 18:
Featuring Ladies with Impeccable Taste

So Fresh & So Chic // Friday Finds Vol 16: Featuring Ladies with Impeccable Taste including Victoria Beckham and Target, Jillian Harris and the Home of Amelia Widell #sofreshandsochic #targetstyle #interiordesign #scandinavianstyle

You guys, this week's Friday Finds are so fabulous, just like the ladies with impeccable taste that are featured within, and I'm so excited to share them with you! 1. Shop THE most anticipated collab of the season is almost here, and I'm already planning some kind of lining up or possible … [Read more...]

[Friday Finds] Vol. 16:
This Week: Parisian Inspired Finds!

Current crushes and obsessions served every Friday on www.sofreshandsochic.com

Today's Friday Finds are Parisian inspired in honour of Paris Fashion Week which is going on right now and which I've been following daily through various bloggers' Insta Stories. I know it's been said often enough to become a cliché but I just love Paris! I love the vibe- the sophistication, the … [Read more...]

[Friday Finds] Vol. 14:
Back After a Break with a Few Things to Love

So Fresh & So Chic // Friday Finds: A Few Things To Love #fridayfinds #sofreshandsochic #blogs #homedecor #art

Guys! I haven't done a Friday Finds feature in so long, almost a full year, to be precise. I stopped mainly because I wasn't seeing a lot of engagement but lately I've realized I miss putting together a Friday round up! I come across so many great things during the week, I've decided I'm going to … [Read more...]

[Friday Finds] Vol. 13:
The Mom Uniform
(AKA The Clothes I Live In)

So Fresh & So Chic // Friday Finds Vol 13. WANTNEEDLOVE: The Mom Uniform #capsulewardrobe #sofreshandsochic #fashionblog

Jeans, a Tee, top knot, flats, these Gucci beauties and my go-to lipcolour, MAC Matte Lipstick Velvet Teddy- that's my daily mom uniform. The choice of which jeans and Tee I'll wear depends on how bloated I feel and whether or not the laundry was done sometime that week. The struggle is real, folks, … [Read more...]

[Friday Finds] Vol. 12:
Summer Forever, Hurray!

So Fresh & So Chic // Labor Day Weekend Shopping #sofreshandsochic #fashion

Whilst everyone else on the continent prepares for Fall's arrival with deeper colours, cozier fabrics, and rich textures like suede and velvet to keep them stylishly warm, LA keeps on keepin' on as it does the other 11 months of the year, with perpetual warmth and sunshine. Over here, Labor Day … [Read more...]