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Chocolate-Drizzled Sunshine Popsicles!

So Fresh & So Chic // Chocolate-Drizzled Sunshine Popsicles! #cuties #easyrecipe #cookingwithkids

If there’s one thing LA life means, it's that the sun is shining 9 out of 10 days, and even the occasional cloudy days are bright days. It’s a complete contradiction but it is also the perfect place to celebrate #100daysofsunshine with the perfect snack, Cuties! ‘Tis the season for sharing love, am … [Read more...]

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Wallpaper in Kids’ Rooms: 12 Amazing Examples!

So Fresh & So Chic: 12 Kids' Rooms Killing the Wallpaper Game!! #inspiration #homedecor #kidsrooms #sofreshandsochic

You guys know how much I love interior design but I think of all the rooms in the house, my most favourite rooms to pin, plan and design have to be Nurseries and Kid's Spaces. There's so much potential to have fun in there, and while adults might be able to override their wants in favor of what … [Read more...]

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Holiday Gift Guide for Kids, from Newborn to 5

So Fresh & So Chic Holiday Gift Guide for Kids Ages 0-5! #sofreshandsochic #theperfectgifts #giftsforkids

Here it is, the Holiday Gift Guide for Kids, from newborn to 5. Hurray! I'm positive each of these gifts is something that the kids in your life would love to receive too! They're pretty universal in their appeal. This post contains some compensated affiliate links. Thank you for supporting this … [Read more...]

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5 Favourite Books for Pre-Schoolers

Book Recommendations for Four Year Olds

Today I wanted to review the Boy's favourite books. These five books are currently in heavy rotation around here- they are often read after school but especially at bedtime. The Baby has gotten so used to seeing these out that she has started to show quite an interest in flipping through their pages … [Read more...]

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Decorating with Houses

So Fresh & So Chic // Now Trending: Decorating with Houses in Nurseries and Kid's Rooms #sofreshandsochic #houses #nurseries www.sofreshandsochic.com

Kid's rooms and spaces are fun to design and in this, the Age of Pinterest, it is so easy to find hundreds of photos and ideas to browse through. Some of them are inspiring (Scandinavian style), some of them not so much (camouflage anyone?), and I'll be honest, most of them I just pass right by. … [Read more...]

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6 Amazing Apps for Toddlers & Pre-Schoolers

So Fresh & So Chic // 6 Amazing Apps for Toddlers and Pre-Schoolers! #sofreshandsochic #bestappsforkids www.sofreshandsochic.com

Whilst we generally try to limit screen time at home, including handheld devices and the TV, there are moments when screen time works as a fine babysitter (No judging! Hello uninterrupted Target shopping/Diaper changing/Dinner making, etc.). Honestly, as with everything else, it's a fine balance … [Read more...]

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Free Printable Oversized Art

Free Download Printable Art from So Fresh & So Chic

Hello friends! Seeing as how popular yesterday's post on Oversized Art in Nurseries was, I thought I'd whip up a free printable oversized art piece for y'all! So go ahead, download it, print it, frame it and don't forget to hashtag #sofreshandsochic if you post it on Instagram! I would love to see … [Read more...]

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Oversized Art in Nurseries

So Fresh & So Chic // Petit amour: Oversized art in nurseries and kid's rooms

Artwork is such an integral part of home decor, no? Personally, I'm partial to oversized pieces everywhere but particularly in nurseries and kid's rooms because you can add such charm and impact with just a single piece. If your budget doesn't stretch to a larger canvas, consider engineer … [Read more...]