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Hello there! I’m so glad you stopped by! If you are here, it’s obvious you love great design and home decor, and lifestyle blogs are your jam.

With So Fresh & So Chic my intention is to curate all of the great ideas and well-designed goods that I come across and bring them to you in thoughtfully created blog posts. My aim is to help you discover trends that I love and find inspiring, but also for you to see that great design is accessible and doesn’t have to be overwhelming. It often only requires a little bit of curating and it is everywhere- you just need to know where to look.

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I am partial to Scandinavian design, mid-century modern style, and a monochromatic colour palette. I am also a huge proponent of living and dressing stylishly and comfortably.

Am I an absolute authority on design, fashion and style trends, well, I don’t know- I suppose it depends on how you define “authority” haha- but I do think after spending over a decade as a graphic designer, I have an eye for assembling beautiful and inspirational ideas that you can bring into your own life and live as stylishly as you deserve.

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A little about me
I started off working at a children’s book publishing company and moved on to establishing my own modern wedding invitation business, Love, Paper & Ink. In the last two years, I also started helping small businesses with their branding, logos and websites. Then we moved to LA, I took a brief break from the wedding industry, and I started to blog because there was so much I wanted to share and SF&SC was born. Speaking of sharing, be sure to check out the Free Printables I’ve designed just for you!

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About LA life
We moved to LA from Toronto in late 2014 for the sun, the sand, and for the Mr’s business. Sun and sand became particularly important because we also have two children and the beach is the best babysitter you could imagine! You won’t find posts about our little family unit on this blog but they’re often the stars of the show on Instagram. When I’m not blogging, Pinning, parenting or designing, I am also running my own wedding stationery business (Love, Paper & Ink).

Any questions?
If you would like to collaborate, please fill out this form and let’s get the conversation started! Please note, however, that I am not accepting submissions for articles nor am I interested in growing my blog and social media audience “authentically” with bots and paid followers. This blog is a personal creative outlet and I’m the only writer whose work you’ll find here!

If you are looking for a logo, brand board or website, or if you’re a newly-engaged couple looking for modern wedding invitations, head on over to Love, Paper & Ink and please get in touch!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

xo, Naushin





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    Hi Naushin! I went to approve your affiliate application and could not get over how much I love what you’ve done with FUN! Would you be interested in submitting your site for the showcase? I share these on social media from time to time and link back to your site :) I hope you’re having a fabulous day! xo Lindsey

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    I currently using the FUN theme from pretty darn cute and have been checking sites that people have mentioned on the forum – just for ideas etc… Anyway, I have just seen yours and wanted to say GOOD JOB!!! It looks brilliant :) Samx

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    Hello Naushin:
    Great blog and congrats on the blogs first birthday exciting. I am just getting started with my blog Live Eco Chic about living a stylish yet eco friendly lifestyle. I would love to connect and possibily collaborate somewhere down the road. I hope to hear from you.

    -Natalie :)

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      naushin says

      Thank you, Natalie! Blogging has been such a joy for me, I wish you so much of the same! Let’s definitely collaborate once you’re settled down more. I’m looking forward to checking out your blog! xo

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